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John Tuning a Piano

Piano Tuning – $165

Piano tuning is the adjustment of the tension of each string in the piano to set its optimal pitch. Increasing the tension of a strings causes its pitch to rise while lowering its tension causes the pitch to drop. Though (most) pianos have 88 keys, they typically have over 200 strings. Most notes actually have three strings, while the lowest notes have either one or two strings per note. A tuning typically takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.
Read more about piano tuning here.

(Please note that if your piano has not been tuned in a year or more, there may be an additional charge of $50 for a pitch correction or rough tuning. Learn more about pitch corrections here.)

Trip charge: Service calls outside of the Harrisonburg area may involve a trip charge. Please inquire at the time of scheduling for further details.

John Tuning a Piano

Regulation & Voicing – $110/hr

Regulation and voicing refine the way your piano plays and sounds. Action regulation involves the adjustment of each of the moving parts in your piano to create an even response from note to note and to give you the greatest musical control over dynamics, articulation, and repetition. Voicing concerns modification of the tone to create an even sound from note to note and to give the player a wide range of tonal colors to draw from.

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Appraisals – $175

An accurate assessment of the value of a piano is critical if you are trying to sell or insure you piano. A survey of pianos for sale online reveals such a broad range of values, which can make it difficult to know what your piano is actually worth. An appraisal involves an in-person inspection of the instrument along with market research of comparable instruments for sale.

John inspecting a piano

Pre-Purchase Inspection $125

If you are buying a used piano, it’s important to have it inspected before bringing the piano home. A pre-purchase inspection ensures that the piano is serviceable and will help you determine if the quality of the instrument is the right match for your expectations and musical ability.

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